What do you choose – carry in your hands or carry?

As you know, most of the transport operations associated with the movement of goods and goods are carried out using hand trucks. That is why the transport trolley is the main tool for the work of employees of warehouses, storages and trading floors. They are mobile, quiet, do not require additional training for operation, allow you to transport and store goods with minimal effort.

A lot of cargo is not a question!

The choice of the optimal model with a wide range of trolleys, which differ in carrying capacity, dimensions, design, price and other characteristics, will help to make at the enterprise “Warehouse Systems”. The client should indicate the method of warehousing, packaging of cargo, cargo flow and the optimal equipment will be found for it, which will facilitate and speed up the processing of goods and goods.

When choosing trolleys, the following technical characteristics are taken into account:

Carrying capacity;
Platform size;
Number and diameter of wheels;
Cargo weight;
Lifting height.
We select depending on the modification and scope of application

The cart is manual two-wheeled.
Differs in small dimensions, maneuverability, ease. The carrying capacity usually does not exceed 300 kg. Great for transporting goods, boxes, household appliances. Usually used in farms, shops, markets.




Platform trolley
The cart is equipped with four wheels, quite maneuverable. It is characterized by medium load capacity. Thanks to the large platform, the carts are suitable for transporting large single or many small items. The most common trolley in small warehouses and in supermarkets.



Manual shelf trolley

Very in demand at enterprises where a large number of small cargoes are transported. As an example, these are pharmaceutical companies, food establishments, warehouses for transporting tools.


The cart manual for barrels / cylinders
Designed for transporting barrels / cylinders. It is used in specialized enterprises where products are stored in barrels / cylinders (of various types).



Hand trolleys / containers
Special carts for warehouses and storages. This group includes mesh trolleys / hand containers of various modifications. They are used as a means of optimizing labor in logistics centers, storage facilities, in production and in trade.


SMS production equipment is recommended by regular customers

The company “Warehouse Systems” produces and sells carts of various modifications, as well as offers spare parts for them. Need help choosing a modification and quantity? Specialists of SMS LLC will expertly help you choose the carts of the right size, carrying capacity and quantity that will meet the requirements of your company. All issues related to the acquisition, operation and maintenance of equipment will help to solve at the SMS company.