SMS International Activity in 2019: exhibitions, forums, conferences.

This year, Warehouse Modernization Systems has expanded its geography with technological advancements, innovations in business and international relations. We have partnered with many European companies and opened more than 15 representative offices around the world.

Only this month, guests from Turkey and China came to visit us and we identified priorities, vectors for joint development and cooperation. Photo:



In the last 30 days we have participated in international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions, competitions, seminars and conferences where we are pleased to: share successes and experiences with colleagues, show achievements, learn new things and see technological innovations and production trends. Photo:




SMS company has been stepping forward for 13 years and is not standing still: it constantly improves the quality of production, improves technologies, improves the qualification of specialists and develops business relationships and relationships. That is why our name is associated with reliability and a progressive future for many partners and clients. We are proud of it and do not stop!