Raw equipment for washing: what and why?

Entrepreneur looking for equipment

Progress is the generator of ideas and guarantees of prosperity of any enterprise. Absolutely everything is changing, improving, improving for a more comfortable existence, safety. Upgrade – earn more.

At any profitable progressive enterprise, all the possible mechanical processes that people perform are trying to replace automatic robots and machines.

Washing machines for primary processing of fruits, vegetables, berries provide the opportunity to wash and prepare products for further processing or sale for further processing without any loss of product integrity.

Quality and modern equipment for any vegetables, fruits, berries, which will satisfy the most demanding entrepreneur offers the company LLC SMS.


What we recycle – we choose accordingly

In order to preserve all useful and taste qualities while processing fruits, vegetables and berries and not lose perfect appearance, it is important to choose the right equipment.

The first step is choosing the right sink for your products:

1. Bubble Wash Machine.

It is used for washing of any fruits, vegetables, berries. Even for delicate primary processing and more thorough cleaning of fruits, vegetables and berries. If the products with a soft and soft structure have the opportunity to obtain the appropriate equipment.


The bubbling washer can be used either as a standalone device or as part of a processing line. The principle of operation of the washing machine is based on the constant loading of products in a water-filled bath. Initially, the product enters the front of the bath, where it is cleared of dirt. The bubbling washer is equipped with a modular conveyor system for the final removal of water. The speed of the tape is controlled by a frequency converter. A nozzle is also added to the bubbling dishwasher for final rinsing, and a blower can be installed to dry the berries.

2. Brush washer

Recently, the brush washer is in demand. It is more rigid, so it is more commonly used for vegetables. Depending on the end goal, different brushes are used. It can be a careful washing – cleaning of dirt, for packing and sale to the end consumer. Another option for cleaning dirt and peel, for further processing of vegetables.


Advantages of modern washing machines

Easy to operate
Economic consumption of resources
Easy to manage
Reliability and durability

Why choose a car washer manufactured by SMS?

Many years of experience of the enterprise in the market of production of equipment for processing fruits, vegetables, berries is a perfect form of cooperation with customers. High quality and advanced equipment in accordance with international quality standards. To fulfill the most diverse wishes of customers, the equipment is embodied in the “life” from the 3D model to the finished equipment. The design department applies a creative approach to non-standard technical tasks and will always find the best way to solve them. So, for example, an individual approach helped produce washing machines for Jerusalem artichoke and rose hips.

The company has a rigid system for quality control and safety of equipment. That is why the customer will inevitably receive high quality machinery for their own production, which meets international standards (CE, TSU, ISO).

SMS produces not just equipment but also business solutions. Therefore, you can buy from us as separate equipment for solving a specific problem, as well as a comprehensive line for processing fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, etc. We already have extensive experience in these areas, so call us and our specialists will give you a free consultation.