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SMS company constantly improves the process of sorting of goods and products, which proves long-term cooperation with the top enterprises of Ukraine in various fields: sorting of cargo, sorting of garbage, sorting of finished products, as well as sorting and processing of berries, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Our specialists always take part in innovative international exhibitions and adopt the experience and new technologies of leading players to provide competitive offers to clients. Also, our technologists, design bureau and IT department are constantly working on improving the solutions and have implemented a number of effective copyright projects in large Ukrainian companies. Today we will talk about the equipment for sorting agricultural products.

Sorted products – the right brand!

Quota for export of agricultural product to Europe is increasing, and quality requirements are rising accordingly. Warehouse Modernization Systems manufactures a variety of equipment to help sort products by size.

A variety of calibrators.

If your business is related to the cultivation, sale or processing of agricultural products – the equipment of the LLC “SMS” will help you.
Depending on the product, choose a calibrator.
Consider the types of equipment:

Vibrating Calibrator (Vibrating Screen)

Vibrating Calibrator (vibrating screen) – designed for calibration, fractionation, bulk and lump products. The number of fractions is determined by the number of sieves installed through which the product passes due to the vibration of the work surface. SMS company offers vibrating sieves for berries, nuts, candied fruits, sugar, cereals, chips, crushed stone and other products.

As a kind of vibrating screen – for a nut with a hopper and aspiration. It is intended for calibration of a kernel of a nut on fractions, selection and control of production at the enterprises of the food industry.


Rotary calibrator

Rotary calibrator designed to calibrate products during drum rotation.
This calibrator can sort products by the required number of fractions, setting the required number of sieves by size.


Tape calibrator.

Tape calibrator is intended for the calibration of round products such as onions, garlic, potatoes, beets, etc. into fractions. The process of calibration occurs at the expense of jumpers, with the help of a vane shaft, perforated tapes with certain cells. Moving on the calibrator, the product gets into the cells corresponding to its size and goes on similar trays or is discharged by appropriate conveyors in containers.
Depending on the client’s request, Warehouse Modernization Company produces calibrators of any size.
For example, a ribbon calibrator for garlic heads is intended for calibration of products on fractions of size: 0… 35, 35… 45, 45… 55, 55… 65, 65+.


Calibrator (rotary table)

Calibrator (rotary table) for apples included in the “Apples Sorting Line”.
The calibration system has dimensions of 1.5 m * 1.5 m, the contact points are made of foamed rubber. Sorting is carried out in 6 fractions with adjusting cells in height of 600-900 mm, and receiving trays for sorted products. The calibrator can be used as a stand-alone sorting mechanism as well as as an element in a complete sorting cycle.


5 reasons to choose the equipment of production of LLC “SMS”

  1. Experience and specialization – gaining experience in 13 years of excellence in equipment manufacturing.
  2. The speed of everything from the answer to the request and departure in the measurement, to the fastest production.
  3. We work on the result – quality as the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.
  4. Additional guarantees – installation, briefing of employees of clients, assistance in modernization of the equipment of the enterprise.
  5. Personal approach – design the equipment only personally under the specific customer.