On Entrepreneur’s Day in Poltava, a CityFest was held with business trainings, forums, a food court and entertainment.

August 31 in Poltava vybavsya open festival for the Day of the entrepreneur. The event was held in the Victory Park. CityFest is 13 thematic locations where more than 80 entrepreneurs present their activities. Within the locations there were interactive games, sweepstakes, gifts, presentations, fashion shows from Poltava designers, master classes, tastings, trade, etc.

The founder and owner of SMS LLC Vitaly Dmitriev was invited as a speaker to take part in the business forum. At the panel discussion, Vitaliy Aleksandrovich spoke on the topic of business development in Ukraine and shared the experience of “relations” with the authorities. Also, the discussion participants were not left without gifts and the most active received Vitaly Dmitriev’s author’s book “Don’t be afraid to open any doors”.

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses could discuss trends and ways of cooperation with municipal authorities. Entrepreneur’s Day is a useful event for the city, because it is business that creates the places, infrastructure and potential of the city and country.