Pavel Harutyunyan

Yerevan, Representation in Armenia

Armenia, Yerevan

George Imedashvili

Tbilisi, Representation in Georgia

Georgia, Tbilisi

Nikolay Tonchev

Veliko Tarnovo, Representation in Bulgaria

0040 744 640 713
00359 899 905 913

Irina Plahn

Stockholm, Representation in Sweden

+46 762-784-474
Sweden, Stockholm

Natalia Verteletska

Italy, Representation in Italy

+39 320-116-16-25

Andzhey Orlov

Bydgoszcz, Representation in Poland

+48 52 346 13 58
ul. Piekna 13, 85-303 Bydgoszcz

Fuad Gulubayov

Baku, Representation in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku

Timur Umansky

Latvia, Representation in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Boitchenko Andrei

Toronto, Representation in Canada

+1 780-909-4924

Warehouse modernization systems produce equipment for 16 countries , including Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Canada . We have already proved our competitiveness and quality in European markets and are ready to expand our horizons further. If you want to order products or become our official representative in your country, please contact us at and we will help you.

Also, we have more than 20 service sites in Ukraine that help businesses not stop. You can read more about our repair offices and ambulance teams on the Service page .