Why choose us

own production,
distribution without intermediaries

production time faster in
92% of competitors

Individual approach to every customer
(we solve any client problems)

rapid response and service throughout Ukraine
(20 own repair sites)

international recognition
and European quality certificates

How to work with us



We find out all the questions and problems that the client wants to solve, the designers make a miscalculation of the project, if necessary, our representatives go to the customer company for measurements. We present a commercial offer.



We prepare a contract and product specification, which describes in detail the characteristics of the equipment, presents a detailed diagram (3D model) with dimensions.



We are convinced that we have clarified all the details, you approve the 3D-model of the project, make an advance payment, the production of the order is launched. If you wish, you can visit our production and get acquainted closer.



You will be aware of each stage of production: send photo and video materials of the current production situation, you can come to the factory to actually look at the process. Then the Department of Quality Control Department carries out independent control of product compliance with the established requirements and guarantees you this compliance.



We ship your order, and our specialists install the equipment at its destination. The final settlement is carried out.



Service under warranty and post-warranty service, setting up, repair of equipment 24/7, because we have 20 own service sites throughout Ukraine.

Map of Representative Offices

Warehouse equipment and equipment production of Ukraine

Conveyor and sorting lines from the Ukrainian manufacturer "Systems of warehouses".                 Manufacturing of automated conveyor systems (page Conveyors) - the main direction of activity of the enterprise. We have our own powerful production in the city of Poltava (Scherbani village). Our factory is engaged in a full cycle of production: we design and manufacture roller conveyors, belt and chain conveyors, calibrators of any type. We make both a simple conveyor, and with a complex trajectory - rotary or inclined. Also in the assortment there are sliding rollers and telescopic conveyors intended for the rapid movement of products between the transport and the composition.


We manufacture modern lines for sorting waste and garbage, we solve other complex problems in ecology. Also, our fruit / vegetable / berry processing lines help automate business processes in agriculture. We make projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We make delivery, installation and start-up and adjustment works all over Ukraine.


"SMS" is the manufacturer of the line for the sorting of goods. Our lines are already successfully operating at several airports in Ukraine. The enterprise is modernized with modern equipment and works on the most efficient production technologies from the world leader TOYOTA. We carry out individual, sometimes very complex tasks from customers, but our solutions (our Projects page) are highly valued on the market (page Certification). In addition to delivery and assembly works, System Systems has its own service areas throughout Ukraine and provides its customers with reliable and prompt assistance anywhere in Ukraine.


Manufacturing of warehouse metal constructions in Ukraine.


The market always has all kinds of trolleys, rocks and stackers and other warehouse equipment. Metal furniture, racks, cabinets, tables, bunkers, tumblers, mixers, industrial furniture - all this is done at our company. The modern equipment of our plant allows us to develop warehouse equipment and structures from metal of any complexity. We design and produce unique projects. Here you will find everything for the warehouse!                                   

We constantly improve quality and reduce the production time, in order for the customer to be more satisfied. Today the company "SMC" is a powerful production complex that can carry out a project of any complexity and volume. All products are certified and production complies with international quality standards ISO 9001.


If you have not found the right solution on the site - please contact the hotline and your personal manager will help you. We manufacture not only equipment we manufacture solutions for the customer's business. Therefore, consultation, cost miscalculation and designing an order - free !