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Drum Separator (Grohot) for the selection of debris by fractions

Product Description


  • Material of construction: Structural steel;
  • The speed of rotation of the drum is not less than 9.0 rpm;
  • The length of the 2-auger screw (deployed) of the drum is not less than 50 m;
  • The diameter of the drum is 2000 mm;
  • The length of the separator is 6250 mm;
  • The total height is 5400 mm;
  • The drum design is made of a 32mm*32mm*4mm angle;
  • Reduction motor 3 kW (2pcs) manufactured in Italy;
  • Brush along the length of the separator for cleaning the screen from contamination.
  • Connection 380V;
  • Stitched with a metal rod 8mm with dimensions of 50×50 mm cells, placed on a metal frame and equipped with knives for breaking polyethylene bags.